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How does Sarah Jessica, Oprah, and Salma do it? They have a bottomless bank account and an army of stylists. We’ve got the dish for achieving star quality without breaking the bank. The key to looking like a million bucks is not found in a bunch of designer labels, but in how we wear an item. Here are three tips that celebrities (or should we say their stylists) use to create their star looks.

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Plus Size Lingerie - Go For It Ladies, Your Time Is Now!
by Paul Curran

Thankfully the days of companies mainly selling lingerie for slim waisted model-like women are now over. More importantly, the culture of 'thin is beautiful' appears to be coming to an end. Not before time; as the fashion and media industries have been responsible for thousands of people, mainly women, suffering from a variety of illnesses in their quest to look like the pencil thin figures seen on TV and illustrated, ad nauseam, in popular magazines. This article aims to give a confidence boost to all plus size women.

I have personal experience of a loved one suffering from such a problem. Fortunately she has now overcome it to a large degree (no pun intended!) and is comfortable with her current non-skinny figure. She realises that it is healthier to be like this than the alternatives and she doesn't feel alone as statistics indicate that there are increasingly more curvy women in the population nowadays.

The need for plus size lingerie is probably as popular now as it was in the days of sex symbol Marilyn Monroe and the curvaceous woman. The only difference now is that it is much easier to obtain plus size lingerie...especially online....and the range available is as good as that for smaller sizes.

A fundamental aspect of this topic is the need for a woman to fell good about herself. She may feel less confident about herself but women should realise that plus size lingerie can make them feel as good and look as attractive as supposedly regular figures.

If you are a man reading this article, then you can help your loved one in two simple ways;

1) This is very, very effective. Tell her you love her.. often
2) This is easy to do online. Buy her some plus size lingerie.

And ladies, don't forget that you can also disguise parts of you that you don't feel too great about, as well as emphasising other areas of your body that you do like. If you're one of those who feel like this then you have the best of both worlds with plus size lingerie.


* Don't believe that the world is full of the people you see on TV adverts

* Don't believe that the world is full of the people you see in magazines

* Don't believe that you are abnormal

...you are not.

Choose the sexy lingerie clothing that YOU like from the wide ranges available. Pick a color YOU want and adorn your feminine curves with beautiful textures.

Feel good and look great. You deserve it.

About the Author
(c) Paul Curran, CEO of Cuzcom Internet Publishing Group and webmaster at Plus Size Lingerie, supplying Sexy Lingerie and Plus Size Erotic Lingerie to consumers.