Dress Like a Celebrity by Kathryn Finney

How does Sarah Jessica, Oprah, and Salma do it? They have a bottomless bank account and an army of stylists. We’ve got the dish for achieving star quality without breaking the bank. The key to looking like a million bucks is not found in a bunch of designer labels, but in how we wear an item. Here are three tips that celebrities (or should we say their stylists) use to create their star looks.

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How To Walk In High Heels Without Breaking Your Neck

What a prospect! You want to wear the heels because they make you look taller, more slender, look nice with your clothes but, then there is actually wearing them! You know that occasional teeter-totter? Or perhaps you have already experienced a side ankle bend or even a complete fall. Hopefully this has not happened to you. Even if it hasn't happened to you, it can still be a bit challenging to walk in certain high-heeled shoes. But the idea is for that never to happen to you. You may have heard the saying, "practice makes perfect". Well in this case, practice does makes walking in high-heeled shoes possible, especially if they are brand new shoes.

It takes time to get use to a new pair of shoes, whether flat's or high heels. With heels, there is a certain risk that can be overcome with a little practice, skill and know how. Whether you're dancing the night away or attending a business meeting. You want to walk or dance with assurance without falling. Here are some practical steps you can take to help you achieve this. 1.

First, just practice standing in your new pair of heels. Place yourself in front of a full view mirror, standing a while, then turning from side to side. This allows you to get accustomed to the look and feel of the new heels you are wearing.

2. Second, try the new high-heels out by taking a few steps in them, if possible, on a hard floor or low carpeting. Then slowly progress to a thicker carpeted surface.

High-heeled dress shoes are fun for women once you learn how to walk in them. 3. Third, keeping your legs straight and as close together as possible, take a few slow, determined steps.

Place one foot in front of the other, noticing the placement of each foot. As you practice, your confidence in walking in high-heels will increase. This will make the process of walking in high-heels more natural for you. Walking in high-heeled shoes will become second nature for women who walk in them often.

Walking or dancing in heels can be an intimidating experience, but it does not have to be. You can be the high-heel diva when you learn how to walk and dance in high-heels and can have fun doing it! From sexy stilettos heels that make you dizzy just to look at them to lower heels. Although lower heeled shoes are better for our body, there are times when they just won't do. So on the occasions when you have just got to wear the higher heels, put them on and practice sensibly and safely first. Then walk out into the "high-heeled" stepping ground with confidence and, oh yeah.

remember to smile! This is the beginning of how to walk in high heels without breaking your neck! So take your time, go slow and before you know it, you will be strutting your stuff in your new high-heels! Surely someone will say, "You look marvelous darling".

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