Dress Like a Celebrity by Kathryn Finney

How does Sarah Jessica, Oprah, and Salma do it? They have a bottomless bank account and an army of stylists. We’ve got the dish for achieving star quality without breaking the bank. The key to looking like a million bucks is not found in a bunch of designer labels, but in how we wear an item. Here are three tips that celebrities (or should we say their stylists) use to create their star looks.

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Fashion styles or stylish - Yes, you can be stylish at any age.

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How To Walk In High Heels Without Breaking Your Neck - What a prospect.

Homemade Hair Spray How to make it - Hair spray (or hair lacquer) is a common household aqueous solution that is used to keep hair stiff or in a certain style.

Stretch Marks The truth about stretch marks - Stretch marks are a normal part of puberty for most girls and guys.

The How Tos Of Choosing Your Ladys Scent - If finding the right perfume for your woman is one hard feat to conquer, follow these tips and you're sure to win her heart in a jiffy.

Retro Hawaiian Dresses to Have Fun With - Do you have a penchant for retro clothing? Do you like recreating the past through the clothes you wear? If you want to add a twist to your wardrobe, why not go for garments that send you to a trip down memory lane while reminding you of the sunny atmosphere of the beach? If you think you need to mix and match your clothes and accessories to achieve this then you might have not encountered retro Hawaiian dresses yet.

Projecting a Strong Image - The need today for highly decorative men?s jewellery is consuming.

Aromatherapy Bath - An aromatherapy tub is an ideal manner to finish a lengthy, active, and hectic day.

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